Southend & District Netball League

The History of the League

The Southend and District Netball League was formed on 30th April 1953.  The League Committee composed of just three people - the Hon League Secretary, Mr Colin Lulman - a position he was to hold for the next twelve years - and a representative from two member clubs - Mr Pentecost from Ecko and Miss King from Gaslight.  Thirteen teams made up the only division in the League, they were: Barclays Bank, Cornhill, Ecko, Estric, Gaslight, L.C.S. Youth Club Municipal College, T.A. Eastwood, Bleak Lodge, Marks & Spencer, Rayleigh Rockets, Waterworks, Canvey Youth Club.

Canvey Y.C. experienced some difficulties during 1953 because of the January/February floods.  They were able to overcome these difficulties and became the first winners of the League Cup, presented by Willis, Faber and Dumas.

The League was successfully run for the 1953/54 season with just six rules!  The 1954 AGM saw an addition to the Committee in the form of a Chairman - Mr Peter Grimes.  Mr Grimes held this position for a total of eight years during the period 1954 - 1970.

A representative team was chosen to play matches against other Leagues during the 1954/55 season, a practice which was to continue for many years, with tours to Jersey and Germany included in their fixture list.  A comment was made at the 1968 AGM that the standard of the S.D.N.L. representative team was equal to that of some minor Counties.

The first League presentation dance was held in 1955 with tickets at a cost of 3/- and the entertainment provided by a bank and a skiffle group!

A knockout competition was held in 1955/56 where winners, Rayleigh, were presented with the League Shield.  So, with an increase in the number of teams to seventeen and the introduction of a second division, the Southend and District Netball League was to grow from strength to strength.

Honours and Timeline


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